New discs for sale

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I have these discs up for sale in the Grand Rapids Michigan area. Prototype luna 172g. 1st run luna 160-163g. Prototype anax 170-172g. 1st run anax 173-174g. Star rat 175g. Lucid suspect 173g. Proto kong/zeus 172g. Proto kong/zeus 170-172g. Proto kong zeus 170-172g. Barsby kc aviar 175. Proto malta 173-174g. Proto kong/zeus 174g. Colorglow champ destroyer 170g. Barsby star eagle 175g. 1st run mcbeth buzzz 177. 1st run mcbeth zone 173-174g. 1st run mcbeth undertaker 167-169g. Barsby millenium scorpius 172g. Contact thru dgs or text at 616-890-0363. $10-$15 each. Dont have the $ to ship at this time but if u have any ideas on how i can ship will consider.