Delta 11 Cart

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It's glow in the dark white. I've had it almost 2 years but only been used a hand full of times. I tore my rotater cuff and was recently told that I probably shouldn't play DG anymore. My loss is your gain. Best offer
zeke atkinson   September 17 at 10:41pm

Still have the cart?

Matt Sowle   September 21 at 9:44am

Where are you located? Interested

zeke atkinson   September 21 at 3:51pm

This dude isn’t going to reply!

Michael Redman SR   October 5 at 5:02pm

Is the cart still for sale!

zeke atkinson   October 5 at 11:12pm

It’s a scam

Michael Redman SR   October 7 at 11:04pm

Yep U Tube wanna be sensation from the elbows down. What a TOOL!!!!!!!!!!