Discs for sale

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Hi all,

I'm looking to get rid of a few discs I'm not using anymore or haven't used at all.
Individual discs cost $14 shipped. If you buy 2 or more, they are $12 shipped each. If you wanna get crazy and buy 5 or more, we can work out something.

If you want to buy them all as a lot, you can have all 20 for $170.

Reads from left to right like a book:

1st pic:

Name Plastic Ink? Weight

Buzzz Z No 9 170-172
Legacy Nemesis ? No 10 172
2x DGA Banzai No 10 174, 169
Enforcer Fuzion No 8 174
Ballista Pro Fusion No 10 174

2nd pic:

Axiom Crave Neutron No 8 175
MVP Servo Neutron Rim 8 170ish?
Prodigy F7 400g No 8 175
Undertaker Z Rim 7 174
Z Buzzz Z Rim 7 177+
Axiom Virus Proton Rim 8 170ish?
G* Vroc G* Rim 7 180
Champ Glow Vroc Glow Ch Rim 7 180
Plasma Ion Plasma Plate/Rim7 175

3rd pic:

Proton Soft Ion Pro S Rim 6 171
Champ Glow Boss Glow Ch Rim 6 170
Vibram Arch x2 Medium Rim 6 171

4th pic:

Champ Teebird Champ No 9 164
wyatt L   September 15, 2019 at 4:23pm

are you looking for any trades

Luke Smith   September 19, 2019 at 3:06pm

Vibram Arches, green Buzzz are gone.

Dick Dyer   December 20 at 3:08pm

how much for the undertaker?

Louie juarez   August 5 at 10:37pm

You still have that Virus???