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Trading for
Zone, Focus, Predator, Flick, Pulse, Crank, SurgeSS, Avenger SS, Sting, Ringer, Banger, Punisher
Swapping out my tournament collection most haven't been thrown at all and are still stickered, PM for better pic/details.

First Pic:
Champion Groove 172g
Metal Flake Katana 175g
Champion Leopard 3 167g
Star Rat 168g
Emac Truth 178g
River 170g
XT Nova 175g
GStar Shryke 171g
C-Line FD3 175g
P-Line MD3 180g

Second Pic:
KC Pro Roc 180g
Shimmer Star Roc3 180g
Champion Roc3 180g
Glow Roc 175g
Glow Roc 173g
MERICA Collum   August 1 at 9:39pm

Is the Shryke or P-Line MD3 still available?

Kevin Hutchins   August 5 at 1:03am


Julian Rau   4 days ago

Is the Emac Truth, Metak Flake Katana and Nova still available?

Kevin Hutchins   3 days ago

yup i'll update with completed trades