New disc golf course needs support and legal advice

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Walhalla Woods in Fountain, MI needs support and legal advice they are fighting with city hall to even allow people to play there. The owner of this course is a good guy who needs all the support possible. As a disc golf community let's try to help and spread the word. Thank you .
Jimmy Haase   July 22 at 2:17am

Let me know how i can help

Josh Russell   July 23 at 12:20pm

They need to vote the forks in city hall out of office.

joe johnson   July 27 at 10:43pm

If anybody knows how to skirt around zoning laws or knows someone with a private course who went through the same thing. The goal is to not need a lawyer cause money is an issue. The owner (Seth) already has 24 baskets and a lot of hard work into this. Rally the troops and get this course to where i ... more

joe johnson   August 1 at 9:37am

Thank you Joe