Assorted discs

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$8 each
$14 for 2 shipped
Inquiry in comments below for weights and conditions if interested
Only NEW discs are DD Maverick and Latitude 64 Explorer. These aré $12 each shipped

Second row First green disc: Eric McCabe signed 2010 Buzzz. Asking $14
Last Row Skull dyed disc is a Stiletto
Drew B   June 27 at 2:21pm


Chris Kibbe   June 28 at 4:48pm

I'd like the white and blue aviar putter, champ leopard, the x stratus,the stiletto and wondering how much for the vibram and the red disc pictured next to the vibram thanks

Ryan R   June 28 at 6:47pm

I only Have Champ Leo, X-Stratus and the Red pictured disc you inquired about. NOT the VIBRAM UNLACE. I will pm you

Chris Kibbe   June 28 at 6:52pm

The white and blue aviar is also gone?

Ryan R   June 28 at 7:20pm

Unfortunately yes

Chris Kibbe   June 29 at 5:30am

Ok I'll give 20$ shipped for the 3 disc, I'll let you know when I've made the payment, should be my the beginning of the week thanks

Rob J.   August 2 at 4:22am

what weight is the Daedalus, what is the yellow disc right of the Daedalus and what is the orange disc in the bottom row?

Ryan R   August 11 at 11:54am

Daedalus 171. disc right of that is a Dominator and it's weight is 174.

Ryan R   August 11 at 11:56am

Orange disc is an FD3

David Michl   August 11 at 12:47pm

Is the stiletto still available?