Discs For Sale

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Great selection of discs at unbeatable prices. For full pricing and shipping breakdown check me out at www.patentpendingdiscgolf.com
joshua plattenberg   June 3 at 4:02am

Will you be willing to do any type of trading?

Spencer Ellingson   June 5 at 1:20am

No sale only

joshua plattenberg   June 6 at 2:07pm

That's alright bro. You got a really nice collection going there

Reed Hancock   June 7 at 11:06am

What prodigy's do you have

Spencer Ellingson   June 8 at 3:36am

i have 300 and 400 pa1 pa2 and pa4 300 m3s a 400 proto m1, 400 f1, f2, f3, and f7, 750 h2 and h4s, a 400 d1 and a 400 x2

Spencer Ellingson   June 8 at 3:36am

to see colors and such check out www.patentpendingdiscgolf.com

Kenneth T   4 days ago

How much for that trespass?

Spencer Ellingson   4 days ago

I can do $15 shipped