Innova, Trilogy, Gyro and more FSOT

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Trading for
nothing listed
Got a pretty good selection at the moment and in need of tournament founds and backups. Prices include shipping to the lower 48 in a bubble mailer, don’t like the price, spin me an offer.

Looking for the following in trades;
Flat Firebirds
Swans(2) soft
VIP or Moonshine Bards
VIP or Elasto Kings
Or if you have something you have something you think I’d like.

Z Force Green Sparkle Nate Doss Doublestamp 173 8/10 $12
Elasto Sampo Red Trilogy Challenge 171 7/10 Ink $12
Opto XXX Red 9/10 172 $12
TP Northman Red lava rim 8/10 175 $11 rim ink
Splatter Star Destroyer 170 McBeth 4x $22
Plasma Octane 173 blue Circuit stamp very sparkly 9/10 $14
Bio Thief Orange 165 8/10 $10
Opto River Pro white 168 9/10 $11

Again make any trade or sale offer and I will listen! Thanks for looking
Chris Kibbe   June 1 at 5:55pm

I'd be willing to give 14$ for the blue star whippet, let me know if that'll work for you thanks

Antonio DiazDeleon   June 2 at 2:44pm

Interested in northman. Have trades

Robin White   5 days ago

is that Nate Doss Force still available? let me know