[FSOT] various manufacturers some goodies

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Fission Photon 173g White no ink 7.5/10 $13

Fission Volt 174g Red no ink 8/10 $14 - SOLD

Vibram X-Link Soft Sole 168g Blue no ink 6.5/10 $25 - SOLD

Cryztal FLX Zone 174g Pink no ink 9/10 $20

Proton Envy 172g Pinkish Orange no ink 8.5/10 $14 - SOLD

Proline Quake 179g creamsicle no ink 7.5/10 $12 - GONE

Nate Doss Rubber Blend Challenger 173g Speckled no ink puddle top 7/10 $12 - SOLD

4X XT Nova 175g White/Blue rim ink 6.5/10 $14 - SOLD

Neutron Particle 175g Blue top ink 7.5/10 $11

Starlite Roadrunner 144g Red flight plate ink 6/10 $8 - SOLD

Millennium Standard Polaris LS 165g Yellow no ink 6/10 $8 - SOLD

2019 Ice Bowl DX Aviar 175g Mustard no ink 8/10 $8
joshua plattenberg   May 25 at 3:13pm

I can email you some pictures of what I got to trade

Drew B   May 25 at 10:44pm

Feel free to pm me a link

joshua plattenberg   May 26 at 8:25pm

I dont have a link setup all I can do is email

Drew B   June 1 at 7:36pm

updated wants