Sky Gods, Innova, Discraft, DD

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1st col: New 180 2013 USDGC Champ Roc, 2 175 9.5/10 Swirl Sline p2 Sky Gods
2nd col: 8/10 177+ Discraft First Run Esp Buzz,
3rd col: 10/10 175 Gstar Shryke, New 175 Star Corvette, and New 175 Star Roadrunner
4th col: 8/10 175 echo star teebird, 8/10 175 echo star wraith
5th col (Tourney edition discs): New 175 Manroy x Gowens glow thunderbird, 174g 8/10 DD enforcer, and 8/10 175 champ thunderbird
Donny Kooy   May 19 at 9:00pm

how much for the wraith?

Joey de Ondarza   May 20 at 5:56pm

how much would you want for the glow thunderbird and would you be willing to ship it?

Joey de Ondarza   May 20 at 5:56pm


Chris Kibbe   May 24 at 1:15am

How much for the 2 sky gods?

Antonio DiazDeleon   May 24 at 1:39am

Enforcer available?

Jay Frankina   May 25 at 6:36pm

Chris I got one skygod left for 25 and enforcer is still available antonio

Chris Kibbe   May 29 at 11:38pm

Ok is that 25 shipped? Sorry I took me a bit to get back with you

Chris Kibbe   June 6 at 8:35pm

I would pay 25 for the skygod if you're interested thanks

Robin White   October 6 at 4:24am

Is that FR Buzzz still available? or is it gone