Discraft Cruiser

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I bought a Discraft Cruiser the other day and want to know the rarity of it. Any help?
Sam Spiering   May 17 at 2:25am

Veeery old. I've been an all Discraft thrower for ages. I used to throw a bunch of the classics, nebulas, Cyclone2, XClone, Marauders, Typhoon's etc - This is the first Cruiser I've ever seen. I'm pretty sure It's not PDGA approved and it went oop ages ago. Great find

Austin Walters   May 17 at 3:15pm

Thank you for the information. How much would one of these sell for?

Sam Spiering   May 17 at 3:45pm

I'm not really sure. I wouldn't be surprised if it was over the $40 range. I don't think it would be as much as 2 chain aviars but I just have no base for comparison.

BLACK BART   May 18 at 2:43am

Mid 80’s tech. Probably not worth much; it’s a museum piece!

Sam Spiering   May 18 at 3:37pm

Yeah, that was my initial thought too. A great part of DG history!

Darren Harper   June 23 at 8:13pm

When I first started working at Discraft ,2000 or so,there were only a few in a box haven't seen one since I had one at worlds at Flagstaff. Very rare in my opinion.

Darren Harper   June 23 at 8:16pm

Haven't seen one in the discraft shop since 2000. Rare for sure.