Looking to trade or sell.

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Axiom Neutron Vanish
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Trading for
Neutron Axiom Vanish
I am looking to trade for an Axiom Vanish. I would prefer Neutron Plastic. I am also open to sell any of these discs.
Here are the discs that I have to trade or sell

Innova Champ Roc 30th anniversary stamp
Innova XT Nova
Innova R-Pro Dart
Innova Star Tern (not pictured)
Discraft Big Z buzz
Discraft ESP 2018 Ace Race Disc (SoL)
Discraft ESP Flx Challenger
David Galvin   5 days ago

I no longer have MVP plastics, but interested in the Buzz. How much? Thanks

Don Perella   4 days ago

David I sent you a private message

Joey de Ondarza   2 days ago

what condition is the r pro dart and the big z buzz in. thanks,

Don Perella   2 days ago

I would put the Buzz at an 8/10 and the dart at about 5/10. It is in pretty much good shape but I hit a tree with it and the tree took a little chuck out of the rim. That is why I give it a 5.I got an ace with the Dart so I have some details of when and where I got the ace on the underside. I would be more than happy to send you more detailed pictures of the dart if you are interested.

Reed Hancock   2 days ago

What is the Nova's weight?

Don Perella   2 days ago

The Nova is 176 grams