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the memorial championship Ti nuke ss, 171g, ink on back, 7.5/10, $8

neutron amp, 171g, no ink, 6/10, $7

neutron inertia 6.5/10 no ink 168g $7.

star factory second orc 7/10 no ink 175g $7

168g 7.5/10 pro starfire that i dyed $11

latitude 64 gold line maul 6.5/10 ink on rim 173g $7.

latitude 64 opto line bolt 7.3/10 super light ink on the rim 174g $8.

westside discs sorcerer vip air plastic 9/10 no ink thrown maybe once 156g $9.

westside discs sampo vip plastic 7.5/10 super light ink on the rim 172g $7.

champion roadrunner thrown like twice. super light ink 9/10 175g $8

g star thunderbird 6/10 has ink 172g $7

lat 64 halo, gold line plastic, blue, 174, 8/10, field tested

innova boss, champion, purple, 172g, 7/10, no nicks in rim

Pink dx roc3 175g 8/10 no ink

Purple beeline driver 175g 7/10 inked

Red champion tern 175g 7/10 no ink

Opto stiletto 169g 9/10 9$

Vip air sorcerer 156g 9/10 9$

Opto saint 174g 8.5/10 9$

Opto patrol 180g 8/10 9$

red gstar wraith 175g 9.5/10 9$

purple s-line tDx 171g 9.5/10 9$

YellOw kc 12x champ firebird 6.5/10. 8$

2016 Oklahoma open disc tee bird I think 8/10 9$
Drew B   April 16 at 2:01am

are you looking for any trades for the stiletto?

wyatt L   April 16 at 4:01pm

Just looking to sell right now.

Christian G   5 days ago

Can you PM pics of echo destroyer?

wyatt L   5 days ago

echo star destroyer is gone.

Christian G   21 hours ago

champ tern?

wyatt L   4 hours ago

yup i think i have two. send me your email and i will send pictures.