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Trading for
Latitude 64, Dynamic Disc, Westside
Posted below is the link to all the disc I have for sale or trade. All disc are named, weighed, and rated in regards to condition. All prices are negotiable and are also labeled within the google doc.


Innova Groove Champion 171g 9.5/10 None $13
Prodigy P2 300s ? 6/10 None $10
Discraft Nuke OS Z 173-175g 8/10 None $12
Disc Mania DD2 S-line 175g 6/10 Ink on bottom $10
Prodigy Proto D3 ? 170g 9/10 rim ink $13
Innova Groove Champion 171g 8/10 Ink on bottom $13
Innova Vulcan Champion ? 7.5/10 Rim Ink $12
Gateway Slayer ESL 167g 7/10 Ink on Bottom $10
Discmania Cd2 ? 165g 8.5/10 Rim Ink $13
Prodigy H1 proto 4g 167g 8/10 No ink $10
Prodigy H4 ? 176g 7.5/10 Rim ink $10
Prodigy D1 400s 174g 8.5/10 RIm ink $13
MVP Axis Proton 177g 7.5/10 Ink on Bottom $12
MVP Vector Eclipse ? 7/10 no ink $12
Prodigy M3 4g 174g 9/10 Rim ink $14
Prodigy M4 400s X-out 179g 8/10 rim ink $14
Latitude 64 Culverin Opto 170g 9/10 no ink $13
Latitude 64 Culverin Opto 171g 8/10 No ink $13
Latitude 64 Misprint Sparkle Compass Opto 175g 9/10 Ink on Bottom (Signed by Bobby from DD) $13
Latitude 64 Moonshine Compass Moonshine 178g 9.5/10 no ink $14
Latitude 64 Sparkle compass Opto 177g 9/10 no ink $14
Dynamic Disc Judge Hard 175g 7/10 no ink $10
Dynamic Disc Judge Hard 174g 6/10 no ink $10
joshua plattenberg   May 9 at 3:37pm

what is the first disc on the top? I like the graphics

joshua plattenberg   May 9 at 3:38pm

What is the other Tye dyed disc? Its the 6th disc down from the top.

Antonio DiazDeleon   May 9 at 5:40pm

Both are grooves by innova

joshua plattenberg   May 10 at 12:15pm

Would you do any trades for the both of them? I'll offer you a Crystal Buzzz by Discraft

Gray A   May 10 at 4:45pm

do you have any prodigy leaft

Antonio DiazDeleon   May 10 at 9:02pm

All prodigy disc are still available

Antonio DiazDeleon   May 10 at 9:03pm

Joshua PM me. I'll take a look

Mikey seibert   September 8 at 1:48am

Hey dude I would trade for the cd and dd. I’ve got several dynamic discs,