discs for sale or trade here in Colorado

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Trading for
Mostly Innova
Midranges, putters, Discraft, Gateway, Legacy, Discmania, Millenium,
Ty Richards   April 2 at 7:10pm

Ic ghost 174g Halloween Classic 17 made, 180 g Vandel halloween Classic, Mortar, Deputy, MD5, Buzz 177+

Scott Gross "Team Tilley's"   April 3 at 7:39pm

what kind of mortar? Weight, plastic etc.

Ty Richards   April 9 at 3:09pm

Hi Scott, The yellow champion 175g Rancho morter has a nice swirl in its plastic and has 2018 CO States stamp.

Mikey seibert   September 8 at 1:49am

I’m interested in your discmania, I’ve got a blizzard boss and a champ colossus both are less than a month old.