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Trading for
Girlfriend wants some disc out... I have more but they aren't posted yet.

Likely open to trades, but mainly selling. I haven't figured out cheap shipping if anyone would be able to help with that. Cost me like 6.50, so just add like $5 for shipping when asking prices.

Top row (no ink): 9/10 Prodigy PA3 174G,
Innova Dragon Guessing 165G
New Undertow 169G

Second row (inked): 8/10 L64 Fury Opto Line 171G,
9/10 Dynamic Disc Truth (Maple Hill Last Day Doubles stamp),
8/10 173G 2018 Musket (Trilogy Challenge Stamp)

Third Row: 153G Prodigy Air D3. Inked, but in decent shape. Flat top.
7/10 175G Prodigy F2 and 174G Prodigy F3 (Page Pierce Stamp)

Update: Photo is dumb and sideways... You can likely figure it out.
Gray A   March 30 at 4:05pm

i will buy the prodigy

David Galvin   March 30 at 9:59pm

Gray A, all four of them?

Scott Gross "Team Tilley's"   March 31 at 2:06pm

trade you a yellow s-line 166gr DDX with hickory hills open lion head tourney stamp 9/10 no ink for the truth

David Galvin   March 31 at 3:13pm

Definitely interested man! Could you send me some photos of it? Email is [email redacted]

Scott Gross "Team Tilley's"   March 31 at 3:38pm

sent you photos

David Galvin   March 31 at 3:54pm

Truth is traded to Scott. Other's are still available. Thanks Scott!

Gray A   April 3 at 8:22pm

wut do you want for them?

Gray A   April 3 at 8:22pm

i will also be willing to trade.

David Galvin   April 3 at 8:47pm

I'm content with my bag at the moment. Open to trading for discmania disc. As far as price goes, I haven't had to ship four at once so I would need to look into that first. Open to offers as well.

Gray A   April 4 at 12:43am

are you going to any tournaments

David Galvin   April 4 at 12:57am

Just saw your comment. Yeah a bunch of tournaments in New England and one in Alabama this summer.

David Galvin   April 4 at 1:56am

I would say with flat rate box cost for shipping ($12.80), I could do all for 45 for all four.

David Galvin   April 4 at 1:58am

45 would already have shipping included in it.

David Galvin   April 10 at 5:37pm

All available except Maple Hill Truth

Jason Hendricks   May 20 at 5:41am

I got a CD2 signed by Simon lizotte I would be willing to trade for some prodigy stuff

David Galvin   May 20 at 11:58am

Nice, I've been meaning to grab a CD2 that could be perfect. The PA3 is no longer available, but I do still have the other prodigy disc pictured.

David Galvin   May 20 at 3:10pm

PM sent.

David Galvin   June 4 at 11:48am

ADD: I just picked up a Prodigy F3 400G (174g?) that I can't throw. It's basically new. Pics upon request.