Mc Beth DisCraft Discs and Wysocki Destroyers for $13 DIRT CHEAP !!!!!

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Hey friends,

I have a few of the Mc Beth Signature series and Wysocki Destroyers still available.

Need to make space for the newest delivery coming on Wednesday.

If you missed out on them, or didn't want to pay the inflated prices from early release this is your chance.

I have 5 Destroyers including:

Blue (175) Green Holographic Stamp
Yellow/Green Transitional (175) Warm Rainbow Stamp
Blurple (175) Green Holographic Stamp

The Mc Beth Discs I have left are as follows:

Ti Undertaker - Pearly Silver (177+) Silver and Red Holographic Stamp
Ti Undertaker - Pearly Purple (177 +) Silver Holographic & Silver Checkerboard
Ti Undertaker - Pearly Purple (177 +) Blue Sparkle Holo & Silver Stamp

Z-Line Zone - Purple (173-174) Black and Rainbow Stamp
Z-Line Zone - Yellow (173-174) Gold Holo. & Silver Holo. Stamp
Z-Line Zone - Pink Ice (173-174) Gold Glitter & Silver Stamp

I am Pricing these at $13 apiece NOT INCLUDING SHIPPING.

Shipping is $5 for 1 disc $8 for two and $3 for each additional.

(Thank the Post Office for price increases)