ISO specific Trilogy molds

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Trading for
nothing listed
Looking for: Moonshine Ballista Pro, Opto Saint Pro, Warrant, Hatchet, Anvil, Lucid Getaway, Classic Blend Warden (brand new only), Lucid or Fusion Warden. I have hundreds or Trilogy discs to trade and will have them up this weekend. Just wanted to put some feelers out and see what you guys have out there.
wyatt L   December 6 at 5:14pm

Do you have muskets

David Galvin   December 6 at 9:05pm

I have a musket if you are looking to trade for one Wayatt.

Jake Messner   December 7 at 2:13pm

I do not have any Muskets. I don't have any of the new TC molds. I have several different putters and drivers mainly. A few mids and fairways mixed in. You can ask about any mold and I will let you know. However, my weekend project is to get pics and info up