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On the hunt for discmania and prodigy drivers and mids. Preferably C-line plastic (400 I think in Prodigy) but definitely open to looking at more. I have a bunch of disc I don't throw and I want my bag full of disc I will actually put in the air. I live near an amazing shop, so only looking to make trades. I'll support my local shop if I decide to purchase :P
Scott "Jammer" Gross "Team Tilley's"   December 5 at 12:18am

I'd part with my 166gr. s-line yellow ddx with lions head hot stamp! Do you have a flex surge?

David Galvin   December 5 at 1:03am

I don't have any surge. Sorry man.

Anthony Gallucci   December 5 at 1:39pm

I've got a Prodigy D1. I believe its the 400 plastic. Looks a lot like champion. Its got the 2015 worlds stamp. I can send you pictures when I get home from work.

David Galvin   December 5 at 3:34pm

I'm definitely interested in 400 plastic D1. Before you take the time to send photos, is there anything specific you are looking for? I have posted a few I do not use on the trades, but I'm sure I could consider a few that I haven't posted if I do by chance have something you are interested in throwing.

David Galvin   December 5 at 3:36pm

A few I do not use THAT ARE POSTED on the trades**. Others that are not in the bag but I still really like, but might consider sending out if they match what you are hunting for.

Anthony Gallucci   December 5 at 5:49pm

I throw all Innova/Discmania. I'm looking for some more C line Cd2s. I've got a pretty good stock of everything else but those are the discs that I need some more of.

David Galvin   December 5 at 8:50pm

I have a pretty scuffed tiedie champion Viking and blue champion Monarch from Innova, but other than that it's teebird and Thunderbird which I throw regularly. Haven't found a discmania disc I'm not in love with yet ha

David Galvin   December 5 at 8:53pm

If you're interested I can take some photos and email them to you or post them on here.