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On the hunt for discmania and prodigy drivers and mids. Preferably C-line plastic (400 I think in Prodigy) but definitely open to looking at more. I have a bunch of disc I don't throw and I want my bag full of disc I will actually put in the air. I live near an amazing shop, so only looking to make trades. I'll support my local shop if I decide to purchase :P
Scott "Jammer" Gross "Team Tilley's"   December 5 at 12:18am

I'd part with my 166gr. s-line yellow ddx with lions head hot stamp! Do you have a flex surge?

David Galvin   December 5 at 1:03am

I don't have any surge. Sorry man.

Anthony Gallucci   December 5 at 1:39pm

I've got a Prodigy D1. I believe its the 400 plastic. Looks a lot like champion. Its got the 2015 worlds stamp. I can send you pictures when I get home from work.

David Galvin   December 5 at 3:34pm

I'm definitely interested in 400 plastic D1. Before you take the time to send photos, is there anything specific you are looking for? I have posted a few I do not use on the trades, but I'm sure I could consider a few that I haven't posted if I do by chance have something you are interested in throwing.

David Galvin   December 5 at 3:36pm

A few I do not use THAT ARE POSTED on the trades**. Others that are not in the bag but I still really like, but might consider sending out if they match what you are hunting for.

Anthony Gallucci   December 5 at 5:49pm

I throw all Innova/Discmania. I'm looking for some more C line Cd2s. I've got a pretty good stock of everything else but those are the discs that I need some more of.

David Galvin   December 5 at 8:50pm

I have a pretty scuffed tiedie champion Viking and blue champion Monarch from Innova, but other than that it's teebird and Thunderbird which I throw regularly. Haven't found a discmania disc I'm not in love with yet ha

David Galvin   December 5 at 8:53pm

If you're interested I can take some photos and email them to you or post them on here.

Christian G   December 20 at 1:02am

I have a C Line MD4 in great shape. What you got?

David Galvin   December 20 at 2:51am

I have a few posted on here already like tournament stamped Sarek, trilogy Maiden, MVP Wave, Optoline Fury, Champion Monarch. All in great shape. Two discraft 2018 ace race in pretty good shape. Some scuffs. I might be willing to part with one of my trilogy muskets as well. I just got a metal flake ... more

Micah Callies   February 7 at 7:09pm

I have a 400 D3 8/10 willing to trade or sell

David Galvin   February 7 at 7:26pm

400 D3 sounds awesome. Did you have any particular disc you were searching for?

David Galvin   February 7 at 7:41pm

Christian G, still interested in that MD4 if you have any disc you might be on the hunt for