Innova CHAMPION Ken Climo “Firebird” Distance Driver For Sale

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Innova Ken Climo Champion Firebird
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Innova CHAMPION Ken Climo “Firebird” Distance Driver 168g. 9/3/0/4

Red/yellow/green tie-dye

Review: Got power? The Firebird can handle it. A pro’s choice for headwinds and overhead shots. This disc will provide a massive fading hook, but it’s not so fast that it can’t be controlled by less powerful players. The Firebird makes a great forehand driver.

Disc was thrown on one occasion on artificial turf field and has zero nicks or dings. Essentially Brand New!!!!

Retails at $15.99-$19.99

$8.00 Pick-up Only in Alexandria VA

Serious Inquiries Only email [email redacted] for any questions and meetup times.