Pro Line Monster

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Discs for sale:

Pro Line Monster $35
USDGC Champion Roc+ $10
JK Four Time Champion Valkyrie PFN $10
Big Jerm Recon Mortar $10
Nate Doss Z Buzzz $10
Brady Vis   October 1 at 2:49am

Can you pm me pics man? Of monster and valk.

Bennie Hott   October 6 at 2:49pm

JK Valkyrie, Mortar, and Buzzz are all sold. Monster is pending payment.

Brady Vis   October 11 at 1:54am

Monster sold to me. Waiting on tracking details..

Brady Vis   October 12 at 2:50am

Who else bought from this guy? Did you get your tracking and or discs? I have had no response and paid 5 days ago..

Mark Kassabian   October 18 at 3:23am

Sorry brady with my experience sounds like bad news bears sir