Looking For DX Stamped Champion Wraiths

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As mentioned in title, " Looking For DX Stamped Champion Wraiths ", both thrown and not thrown. Preferably the red color champion plastic.
Lucas Callies   September 24 at 12:10am

I have a yellow one if you are interested

Scott Black   September 24 at 3:26am

Hey, Lucas. I am interested. Would it be too much trouble to inquire some details, condition, weight, and a picture perhaps?

Scott Black   September 26 at 3:06am

Still here, Lucas, my man? Again, YES, I am intrested in that disc that you mentioned....

Scott Black   5 days ago

READER BEWARE : Don't take Lucas Callies offers and replies seriously.

Lucas Callies   2 days ago

dude I have been sending you messages but you keep replying on here!