New Prodigy and Legacy "make an offer"

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New Prodigy

D1 400s factory Stamp
D1 proto 400s
D1 first run 400s
D2 Proto 400s
D3 Proto 400s
D3 first run 400s
D4 first run 400s
F7 300s
M1 Proto 400s
M3/M2 Proto 400s
M2G first run 400G
M4 300s
M4G Proto ( yellow bleeder's)
M4G first run
PA1 300s
PA1 Proto 400s
PA2 300s
PA2 Proto 400s
PA4 300s
PA4 Proto 400s

New Legacy


From left to right on the table D1 - M4.
Putters In front of table left to right PA1, PA2 and PA4.
On the floor to the right is Legacy putters.

Thanks for looking !!
matt w   September 20 at 7:02pm

Are the closers the one with crosshairs or the pitcher with the skull?

Tim Baker   September 20 at 7:21pm

Cross hairs in gravity( white,yellow and black), protégé(white and yellow) and icon plastic(white). Thanks for looking!!

HERMAN B   September 22 at 3:04pm

Would you be able to help me out with an starter set?

Tim Baker   September 22 at 5:28pm

Hey Herman, when I think about a starter set, "used" is the first thing that comes to mind. I would not invest in new until you have figured out how to throw because we can all start at a different level of ability and you will want to buy plastic that fits your game. Or if you just want t ... more

HERMAN B   September 22 at 10:54pm

Thankz Tim for the info

Matt "Gandolf" Sheil   September 23 at 12:52am

I'd be interested in a couple pa1 300s and 400s. Message me and we can work something out?

Tim Baker   September 23 at 4:16pm

Matt, I just sent you a pm.

R E   October 22 at 11:36pm

What plastic, weight, and color is the patriot?