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Trading for
make an offer.
168g 7.5/10 pro starfire that i dyed $11 shipped pay pal or trades, you can also look at my other posts.
wyatt L   May 31 at 5:28pm

still avalible.

wyatt L   June 1 at 7:40pm


wyatt L   June 4 at 12:55am


Nathan S   July 11 at 2:45pm

Hi Wyatt, what is the turn and fade rating? I cant make it out from the picture. Thanks!

wyatt L   July 11 at 5:44pm


wyatt L   August 14 at 5:12pm

is still avalible.

wyatt L   September 14 at 7:29pm

i also have a bunch more pro starfires and one star

wyatt L   January 14 at 12:02am

A player must choose the stance that results in the least movement of any obstacle that is a permanent or integral part of the course. Once a stance has been taken, the player may not move an obstacle in order to make room for a throwing motion. It is legal for a player's throwing motion to cause incidental movement of an obstacle.