Discraft discs

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Discraft discs i have left:
Part 2
4 Limited edition cryztal flx sparkle buzzz gt
2 2015 ledgestone open ti banger gt
3 USADGC patriotic buzzz supercolor
Grand rapids dogs of disc dog daze buzzz
2013 A3 disc league stamp buzzz
Mystic millz z glo buzzz
2015 memorial championship cryztal z buzzz os
2015 ledgestone open ti flx buzzz
Signed ti flx buzzz
2007 walk in the park esp buzzz misprint
3 J-bird Series Buzzz
2007 bowling green flx surge supercolor
2 2008 world's surge supercolor
3 2007 femillz open surge supercolor
Z surge ss
2 2006 femillz open spectra supercolor signed
3 2006 femillz open spectra supercolor

No trades
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chris griffith   6 days ago

I'm interested in the Reaper you have on your FB page.

Angel Gilbert   6 days ago

You could msg me there