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Trading for
Looking for Innova in Champion or Star Plastic.
Preferably Destroyers, Eagles, Thunderbirds, Katanas, Terns, Firebirds, Beasts, and Yeti Pro Aviars. Bright colors please and higher weights (162-173g ish). Or if you think you have something cool that I'd like :)
All discs are OBO and some weights are unknown but kind of estimated. Shipping prices are included in the cost and I can make deals if you want multiple discs. I have a list of preferred trades below (I think). If you want more pictures or more details feel free to message me! I'll try and update this as things change.

1. Westside - Hatchet - VIP Plastic - 7.5/10 - faded ink - 169g - $10

2. Westside - King - Tournament Plastic - 9.9/10 - ink inside rim - 172g - $14

3. Latitude 64 - Explorer - Gold Line? - 9.9/10 - no ink - 173g - $14

4. Dynamic Discs - Maveric - Fuzion? - 10/10 - no ink - 172g - $14

5. Prodigy - D4 - 400 Plastic? - 7.5~8/10 - ink inside rim - 174g - $9

6. Innova - Monarch - Champion - 8/10 - ink inside rim - 175g - $10

7. Innova - Thunderbird - Champion - GONE

8. Innova - Destroyer - Pro - GONE

9. Innoca - Roc3 - Champion - 8.75/10 - ink inside rim - 175g? - $10

10. Vibram - unLace - XLFirm - GONE

11. Vibram - Ascent - Firm - 8.5/10 - ink inside rim - 171g - $11

12. Vibram - Arch - Medium - 8.5/10 - no ink - 172g - $12

13. Vibram - Ridge - Medium - 9/10 - no ink - 174g - $12

14. Dynamic Discs - Defender - Lucid? - 10/10 - no ink - 172g - $15

15. Dynamic Discs - Warden - Lucid? - 10/10 - no ink - 173g - $15

16. MVP - Limit - Gyro - GONE

Other Accessories:

FREE one year subscription to UDisc app - first come first serve - GONE!

Hat is new never worn - Best Offer

Towel is new never used - Best Offer

Bean bag looking thing is a hand dryer/grippy thing - Best Offer

Stickers will just be thrown in with the first few orders.
Joshua Kraus   May 16 at 11:31am

I'll take udisc sub!

wyatt L   May 16 at 2:23pm

do you have any under stable mids , i have terns beasts and katanas.

Mosier Locke   May 16 at 6:01pm

I'll PM you Joshua! Wyatt, I think the only understable mid that I have is the Dynamic Disc Maverick. If you're interested you can PM me and I'll send you my phone number to text pics to.

wyatt L   May 16 at 6:07pm

the mavrick is a fairway driver so i don't think i want it. i am not sure if you wanted to buy or just trade becuase i have lots of beasts and a few katanas and terns.

Mosier Locke   May 16 at 9:18pm

Oh, gotchya. I got the maverick at a tournament, it's not one that I've actually ever thrown. For now I'm just looking for trades. But eventually I'll be looking to buy so I'll send you a PM in like a week or so to see some more of what you have. Sound good?

wyatt L   May 16 at 9:28pm

yup sounds good.

Jon Londer   May 17 at 12:28am

Interested in the maverick and explorer. I have lots of good innova and a smaller bag to offer. PM me and I can get u pictures directly

Mosier Locke   May 17 at 3:22am


Baron G   June 15 at 11:09pm

Roc3 still available?

Mosier Locke   June 16 at 12:40am


Erik Pierson   June 25 at 1:23pm

Hey, u still have that accent?

Mosier Locke   June 26 at 12:31am

I sure do! PM me and we can set something up.

Rusty Miller   July 2 at 5:17am

I have the beginners bag if that is what you are looking for ?

Mosier Locke   July 3 at 4:36am

Sorry, I'm not really looking for a beginners bag anymore. Thanks though! If you see anything you're interested in just let me know!

Alex Hall   August 6 at 4:13pm

Is the hatchet still available?

Mosier Locke   August 7 at 5:15am


Alex Hall   August 9 at 5:08pm

Hatchet for yellow classic plastic judge?

Mosier Locke   August 12 at 5:27am

Sure, send me a pm and I'll give you my address and you can send me yours.

Rusty Miller   August 15 at 7:39pm

I did not look to see how long this was and if you found one, but I do have a small bag 6-10 rarely used if you are still interested?

Mosier Locke   August 16 at 6:16am

Thanks for the offer, but I am no longer looking. I'll update my post. Thanks!