Z Nuke, Z Crank, Star San Marino Roc, Wizard putters

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Trying to clear out some inventory. I've had these discs for a few years, but the only ones that have seen use are the putters and roc. The Nuke has been thrown, but minimally. I don't think I've thrown the Crank ever. I got it in a tournament player pack and it's just sat on a shelf in my house.

I would have to look at weights on the Nuke and Crank. $12 shipped each (10 local)
Roc is 180 - has sharpie on bottom. $10 shipped (8 local)
The green wizard is super hard - sharpie on bottom $10 shipped (8 local)
The purple wizard is Super Stupid Soft - sharpie on bottom. $10 shipped (8 local)
-- would do both wizards together for $17 shipped, if you want em both. Both should be max weight.

I also have a small innova starter bag - $10 shipped or add to your order for 8 if you're getting other discs. Great if you're getting somebody new into it or just to have an extra bag for taking a friend out.

I really just want rid of them and want to make a few bucks after shipping - so I'm open to offers.

text me for info 3303236576
Jimmy Haase   June 15 at 3:05am

Ill give you 10.00 each shipped on the nuke and crank..??