Dynamic & Latitude64 Drivers

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Trading for
Lucid and fusion felons, eforcers. Trilogy stamped shields and Claymores. Compass
Giants. Domey truths
For sale or trade. Prices shipped. I CAN SEND PICS UPON REQUEST

White Cutlass. 171 no ink $13
Orange Scythe 167 light ink in rim. $11
Bronze tourney stamp Saint 174 no ink. $12
Pink Sherriff 174 *field tested no ink. $15
Orange Defender tourney double stamp. 174 no ink. $13
Pink Ballista 169 *field tested no ink. $14

PayPal preferred
Ryan A   May 10 at 11:14am

I have a red Lucid Enforcer. Interested in Pink Ballista or Cutlass

Jon Londer   May 10 at 11:27am

I'd do a trade for either of those. What's the weight?. Send me a PM with your # and I can send pics of necessary