plastic circles for sale

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Trading for
champion darts, make an offer.
g star thunderbird 6/10 has ink 172g $7

paul mcbeth 4x star destroyer 8/10 thrown a hand full of times. no ink 158g $8...SOLD

champion roadrunner thrown like twice. super light ink 9/10 175g $8

ken climo twelve time champion eagle. lots of ink 7/10 171g $8.....SOLD

you pay shipping.
A P   May 8 at 1:36am

I’ve got a mf roc3, a Star roc3, a swirly pinnacle cannon, and a pinnacle bandit. I’d trade some of those for some of these

Jon Londer   May 8 at 1:47am

I want the Eagle.

Drew B   May 8 at 12:17pm

I'll trade any of my 4 on my thread for the destroyer

A P   May 8 at 9:22pm

I'm interested in all four and will trade some of mine for them

wyatt L   May 10 at 7:01pm

destroyer is gone.

Dylan Kuntz   May 10 at 7:23pm

Ill take the eagle if its still available

wyatt L   May 12 at 3:25pm

destroyer and eagle are gone.

wyatt L   May 19 at 1:12am

thunderbird and roadrunner are still available.!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

A P   May 19 at 3:10am

I’d do the roc3 for one of these and the shryke

wyatt L   May 23 at 7:19pm

thunderbird and roadrunner are still available.

wyatt L   June 22 at 11:25pm

thunderbird and roadrunner are still available

charles andersen   July 8 at 10:53am

I will trade that Thunderbird what are you looking for?

Alex Hall   August 6 at 3:35pm

Interested in the roadrunner and the thunderbird if they are still available

wyatt L   August 6 at 5:26pm

they are both still available do you have trades or do you just want to buy.

Alex Hall   August 6 at 6:15pm

Are you looking for just Darts, any other molds you might be interested in?

Alex Hall   August 6 at 6:16pm

I will purchase if you are not interested in any other trades

wyatt L   August 7 at 3:08am

i would be intrested in a innova zephyer .

wyatt L   September 14 at 7:27pm

thunderbird and roadrunner are still available

wyatt L   January 14 at 12:03am

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