My Vibram for your MVP/Axiom

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Trading for
I'm looking for lightweight drivers (esp. Mayhem, Inertia, Volt, Amp, Crave), mid- to max weigh midranges (esp. Tangent, Axis, Matrix) and heavier putters (Proxy, Envy). Plasma preferred.
I'd like to swap some of my Vibram for your MVP/Axiom. Discs in photos are as follows:

Row 1: Ridge (168g, medium, 8/10, rim ink); Ridge (175g, medium, 9.5/10, never thrown); V.P. (168g, medium, 7.5/10, rim ink); V.P. (174g, soft, 8/10); Sole (170g, medium, 8.5/10, rim ink)

Row 2: Ibex (165g, firm, 7.5/10, rim ink); Ibex (177g, medium, 8/10); Obex (174g, medium, 8/10); Unlace (168g, medium, 8/10, rim ink); Lace (173g, medium, 8.5/10)

Row 3: Trak (169g, medium, 7.5/10, rim ink); Arch (171g, medium, 8.5/10); Vamp (172g, medium, 8/10); Valley (174g, medium, 8/10, rim ink)

Condition estimates are pretty conservative, since it's hard to find any damage whatsoever on any of the discs; so it's mainly an indication of how grubby they've gotten rather than any actual nicks or dings. I'm too lazy to investigate which of these is going up in value since Vibram is now OOP but I'm sure some of them have.

Let me know what you've got and what you're interested in!

EDIT: Lace, 175g Ridge, 165g Ibex, and orange V.P. have been traded
Cody Peckham   April 20 at 10:44am

Pic of the back of the VP please. White/blue one

Dave Harty   April 25 at 2:29pm

Drew B   May 6 at 1:01pm


wyatt L   May 12 at 4:57pm

do you still have the ibexs and obex i have a amp and inertia.