Making room for new discs!!!

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I am selling these discs and taking reasonable offers. All discs mailed in bubble mailer unless more than will fit. Thanks for looking.

1: C line plastic ballista lat. 64 174g new unthrown
2: Champion Colossus 175g new unthrown
3: Eagle 175g new unthrown
4: Champion tern 172g new unthrown
5: dx Teebird 172g new unthrown
6: dx leopard 121g new unthrown
7: kc roc 180g new unthrown
8: champion mako3 173g new unthrown ..GONE..
9: champion mako3 170g new unthrown ..GONE..
10: dx colt 175g new unthrown
11: champion valkyrie pfn,pat# 7/10 ink on back 150g
12: star vulcan thrown maybe 3 times. 175g
13,17: star sl pfn, pat# #17 shows a like hangnail on the edge
14: discraft first run crush thrown a couple times 173g....SOLD!!
15: champion aviar pfn, pat# 170g
16: star xcaliber pfn, pat# 172g info inked out on back ..GONE..
18: champion tern 167g 7/10 ink name and # on back
19: champion wraith 169g pfn, pat# 6/10 id say, ink on back
20: star fl 171g pfn, pat# 7.5/10
21: star xcal pfn, pat# double stamp x out 7/10 inked out info on back.. GONE..
22, 23: dx roc flat pfn, pat# 178g inked out info on back #23 shows rim piece
24: star teerex pfn, pat# says 168g scaled 170g inked out info on back
25,26: innova aviar pfn, pat# 175g #26 shows small rim piece missing
27,28: rpro roc 178g 6/10 #28 looks kind of like a yeti in the pic
29: discraft glow stalker 170g 6.5-7/10 ink on back.... SOLD!!
30: discraft glow nuke 173g 6/10 inked out info on back
31: innova blizzard boss 141g 7/10
32: champion orc pat# 165g 7/10 ink on back
33: innova blizzard destroyer 136g 7/10
34: champion orc pfn, pat# 175g 6/10 stamp on disc has faded
Scott Shaw   April 9 at 5:52pm

Both Xcals still available? Are they flat? Price? and is the other 172g also?

Kevin Noel   April 28 at 3:16pm

New player looking for discs and recommendations. mid-power older thrower. cost of 9 and 33 (will low wait help with distance of mid-power?)

Kevin Noel   April 28 at 3:17pm

Any list of price and recommendations welcome.