Innova, Discraft, Trilogy, Vibram, and MVP discs for sale

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Multiple discs for sale. Price does not include shipping.

MVP Proton Tesla, 175g, $10
NEW Vibram Crag, First Run, 175, medium plastic, $15
Innova Star Katana, 171g, marked on bottom, $8
Innova GStar Roc3, 180g, $8

Sold L64 River Pro, Trilogy Challenge, 175g, $10
Sold L64 Gobi, 174g, $12
DD Lucid Felon, 173g, $8, marked
Westside Tournament Bard, 177g, marked, $6, red foil stamp
Westside Tournament Bard, 174g, marked, $7, pink disc
Westside Tournament Bard, 171g, marked, $7, gold foil stamp

Discraft Zflx Crank, 172g, $8
Discraft ESP Surge, 164-166g, $8
New Discraft ESP 2017 Ace Race disc, $8
matt w   March 25 at 5:59pm

Interested in the Bards, would you do any trades?

chris griffith   March 25 at 8:29pm

I'm pretty full up on discs. Sorry.

matt w   March 25 at 10:22pm

No worries, I’ll try to get some PayPal wrangled and PM you if any of the three are still available.

Joshua Kraus   March 27 at 1:19am

How much to ship a bard to 48162? Thanks.

chris griffith   March 27 at 2:20am