Grip AX Series

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I have a grip AX series, black on black! like new still! only used 7 rounds and I usually set it on my stool I want to get a cart, can send pics on Facebook to you just let me know.
A P   March 19 at 5:57pm

That is more expensive than they are now...

Matt Sowle   March 19 at 9:58pm

I forgot to add that I have discs included in here, but I’ll just change the price to 200 obo for the bag

Matt Sowle   March 19 at 9:59pm

And they are 230 new, so your comment is irrelevant, yes they are on sale right now but retail is 230+ shipping

A P   March 19 at 10:47pm

Sorry, didn’t see that was a sale. Is your price shipped?

Matt Sowle   March 20 at 5:35am

I’ll cover it if it’s under 20, Depends on where it goes too