Buying broken discs CE, older oop plastic

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mostly innova
looking up to 100$ of cracked discs
Ryan Ranes   January 9 at 1:06am

buying all cracked older discs

sheldon bowen   January 10 at 4:42pm

Why are you buying them?

Scott Shaw   January 10 at 5:43pm

i have a kc pro teebird and PFN xcaliber

Alex Machowski   January 14 at 10:56pm

I have a shark and a lepord

Ryan A   January 15 at 8:21pm

I have a white star Wraith and a Dynamic Discs Enforcer Pink Fuzion plastic

Ryan Ranes   January 20 at 6:41am

nevermind will delete post shortly someone was molding this into minis but it didnt work

A P   February 4 at 1:36am

If you have any of those I will trade for them

Scott Shaw   February 5 at 5:26pm

i have a kc pro teebird and PFN xcaliber

A P   February 10 at 2:29am

What for the teebird?

Scott Shaw   February 19 at 1:39pm

Whatever you think is fair. Please message me