Selling a BUNCH of plastic!

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I have way too many discs and I want to get rid of a bunch. I am looking to get rid of 200 to 300. I would like to sell in lots so that it saves time. The more you buy the better the deal. I have a few brands, but mainly innova and discraft, along with some trilogy and some mvp. If you are interested let me know! Just let me know what is is you are looking for!!
The way the pricing will go like so,
If you are interested in 10 they will be $90.
25 for $200
50 for $300
And 100 for $500.
I know this seems a bit crazy but its time to start selling plastic!
Skyler Stoker   September 14 at 2:53pm

Any discmania

Brady Vis   September 14 at 4:09pm

The discs are mainly newer throwers. I have some discmania but not a ton.

Skyler Stoker   September 15 at 11:15am

What molds do you have? I would be interested in taking a look

Brady Vis   September 18 at 12:31pm

I can send you a pic skyler.

Brady Vis   September 18 at 12:32pm

And Grant I do have 1 3 line avery.

Skyler Stoker   September 18 at 1:20pm

5179458121 is my cell #

A C Pushard   September 18 at 5:05pm

what do you have for trilogy?

Brady Vis   September 18 at 11:43pm

I have about 30 westside, 30 latitude, and maybe 10 dynamic.

Micah Callies   September 19 at 5:06pm


A C Pushard   September 20 at 1:49pm

pmd very interested...