Swirl Teebird

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Trading for
Handeye supply stamped discs.
Weight 175
No ink
jon bowman   September 7 at 6:24am

I want this. How do I buy it?

Ryan A   September 11 at 3:38pm

Ok it's yours

Ryan A   September 11 at 3:38pm

Will pm you

Tyler Locke   September 25 at 10:56pm

I have a handeye disc if you haven't sold this yet

Ryan A   September 27 at 7:41pm

Just traded today, what Handeye disc did you have??

Tyler Locke   September 27 at 10:46pm

It's a Trespass

Ryan A   September 28 at 1:31pm

Nice what color?

Tyler Locke   September 28 at 5:10pm

Blue pearl looking color with the green handeye stamp