Discs for sale or trade Paypal Prefered

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Trading for
Looking for r-pro rhyno, any rocs other than dx plastic
Star Beast-10 7/10 red
12x Star wraith-12 8/10 yellow
glide-10 8/10 pink
Champion King Cobra-10 8/10 orange
2013 Ace Race disc-12 9/10 teal
Dx valk-5 6/10 red
Aviar putter-7 8/10 blue

dx valk is pretty beat in but is excellent for long turn over shots
Beast,12x wraith and ace race disc have been played with but are not beat to crap as well as the king cobra

I have pics on my phone but couldnt get them uploaded
serious offers can have pics texted or emailed

more you buy the more you save add 3 dollars for shipping and pp fees