Trading out the discs that get no use from me

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Trading for
Looking for a Champion Tern or a Champion Roc3. Preferably max weight. I would also consider any type of fairway or midrange i have PLENTY of distance drivers and putters.
8/10 1994 innova "champion discs inc." gazelle 171g light ink on rim yellow
8/10 Gateway magic ss 170g light ink on rim blue
8/10 innova dx sidewinder 171g light ink on rim yellow
8/10 innova dx leopard 150g light ink on rim and light ink on flight plate blue
9/10 innova Champion groove 168g good amount of ink on the bottom of the flight plate bright yellow
8/10 innova blizzard champion ape157g no stamp light ink on rim and flight plate purple
I will send a pic to anyone who wants them via text
Adam Hammes   March 11, 2013 at 2:43am

how abuot a pic