166 g 100 meter Lazer from Quest with golf ball like dimples on the front and back of the rim

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Trading for
I am looking for : MVP Anode. Gamma Ray, Soft Challenger, Timberwolf, Polar Bear, Beaver, Flying Squirrels, Northman, Slayer in champ like plastic, Hpp WARRIOR, a flexible Secret Weapon, DD2 in Blizzard plastic 135-160 g's, Hpp Element that's gummy, Vibram Tract or any Vibram driver, Icon Ghost........

If you are on DISCAROO.com I am " Sirdiscsolot ." That's the easiest way to see my discs/info

I like :
Anything by DAREDEVIL discs
Innova discs that are pearly champion or CE
Discraft CRYZTAL FLX plastic. I like it all!
ANODES by MVP discs. I love these
Gateway clear HPP discs
Zero g discs
ABC discs

If you have anything by: ABC Discs, Vibram, DAREDEVIL , R.I.P, Skyiron, M.V.P., Gateway, Legacy, Millenium, Westside, Discmania, Icon, Little Flyer, Sky Quest, Ching, Aotearoa, DKG, Quest, Little Flyer, Prodiscus, or anything from an new / small company I would love to hear from you!

Always looking for : Bar stamped Buzzz's, Innova CE discs, Flexi/Pearly Champion by Innova, KC 11x Teebirds, Rocs or any thing Ken Climo 11x or below, Augusta wraiths, Big bird Rocs, Pro classic Rocs, Gummy spiders, Pro line spiders, Champion Rocs, Classic Rocs, * D Destroyers
100 meter Lazer from Quest, I believe the plastic is called " Hytrel " but I'm not positive
Ryan Warner   January 17, 2016 at 4:03pm

i got a slayer, couple turbo putts, vibram drivers, innova

JAY JADERBERG   July 12 at 6:22pm

Hello. I'm looking only for Quest AT Ultra Light Raging Infernos. 130-140g.