My experience buying must read learn from my stupidity

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I bought three rocs from a a couple pages back listed my rocs
I asked how much for The 8x he said 140 I got him down to 130 shipped.but I never asked the condition!!! It was in plastic in the pict. I recieved a 6/10 condition I brought it to local dealer he said its 6/10 sad but true.
I asked how much for the ring roc he said 40 i said ok.But I never asked the condition!!! It was in plastic in the pict. I recieved new
I asked him if he has any more ringrocs other than in pict. He said yes I have one.I said What condition he said brand new. And it was I asked because I didn't see a pict of it in plastic.

When I received the 6/10 condition 8xroc (a 7/10 if there wasn't someone elses pdga # sharpy on the back):( I sent this to the seller

Hello I see an 8x roc in plastic wow thought it was new. Does the original owner know where it is? I would really like to send it back to you. If you pay pal me 130- ANY fees I have caused you I will mail it back.

He responds with.
If you go back and look at the thread history, you never asked the condition on the 8x roc. You never asked to see more pict you never asked any details other than price. Then you insult me by asking "does the original owner know where it is?". The discs are sold as is. That disc is not in bad shape at all. It's in a bag to help prevent storage were. I bought the disc in the same condition you have it today. I apologize that you thought it was brand new based on one pict. Next time I suggest asking the conditions of the item before you purchase. To be honest the money you sent me is already spent, bought a mystery ranch bag. But I still don't see how anyone would refund you based on your oversight.

I responded with
Yoyoyo I have said sorry several times I am sorry that I insulted you for asking a simple ? And it is a reasonable ?. It is property there for If it is in my position I can b held liable so it is a reasonable ?. I admitted to assuming it was new by saying I thought it was new!!! I made a huge $&@ of myself for spending that kind of $ with out details!!! I know that this is all my fault that is why I asked you to simply take it back and I would be happy to pay all of your expense. Thanks for the rocs peace
Sorry to offend you.

After sending the responce I realize that I lied when I said "I've said sorry several times" I did not apologize before that statement but I never intended to hurt his Fealings so It felt like I apologized a million times over as you can see I did apologize twice afterwards:( I feel screewwed but it's my fault so please learn from my stupidity and fullllllly know what you are buying. Other than the crises the transactions went very well lol
adam bell   October 19, 2012 at 7:31pm

Of course he removed the thread after I posted this so no one can see the picture or read the posts lots of people drooooled over his post of roc in the thread so just KNOW what your buying

Sean Newland   October 20, 2012 at 8:54am

Yeah that sounds like you were just over anxious about a disc, but if you feel that disc was worth $100+ for that specific disc, then some ink and a some wear(as long as its not devastating wear) shouldn't matter as a disc should be useful for 1-5+ years depending on it's luck in flights a ... more

Paul DISC-OR-DIE Holstein   October 20, 2012 at 11:26am

Thanks Adam, I will heed this warning. Myself, I only keep discs that are new in bags. If they are used, they are not in bags. So when I see one in a bag, I do the same thing and assume it's new. The ink on the back is a whole conversation in itself.... it's like buying a car for c ... more

Lawrence P   October 20, 2012 at 6:36pm

Adam I would simply appreciate knowing who did this so I could avoid this seller at all cost-- IMO since we dont have a rating system call 'em out here with the name in the title. Im sorry they ripped you off like that.

adam bell   October 20, 2012 at 6:48pm

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