wing & fling #4

Sunday, February 24, 2013 at Waterloo in Lebanon, Oregon
Disc golf doubles tournament


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About this tournament

This will be a non random doubles format (so bring your own partner!) 18 hole standard scoring tournament with a $10 per team buy in and a $5 buy in putting challenge warm up event in which you and your partner will compete against each other for their $5 so essentially one of you will be paying for the others tourney buy in as well as your own. There will also be an optional $1 for ctp on hole 8 (or longest ace) and as always an additional $1 for league members. The tourney will be shotgun start and will be in 4 or 6 man groups one team will keep score for all teams in group during the first 9 and another team for the back 9 and there will be no mulligans no mandos and no ob. Each player will drive off every tee then your team can choose which of your disc to play and you can both shoot again from that spot and so on till each hole is complete you may not shoot from different spots one spot for both shots. Any ties for final standings for the doubles tourney will be settled on a one hole ctp from practice pin area too pin of hole 8 in which all four players will shoot and the player closest to pin will break the tie for that team. In the putting challenge event you and your partner will square off shooting from 6 marked putting distances on 3 separate pins each make is worth 1 point and the player with the highest score after all 18 shots will win your partners $5 if you tie then its a push. The player with the highest score out of all teams competing at end of putting challenge will also win a donated disc, in the event of a tie for high score a play off on the first 6 shots will take place but with the player who makes the most consecutive makes breaking the tie. Any questions or comments or to pre register just send me a message or use the talk page for this tourney see ya on the green!


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Final Results

Team Play
Round 1: Waterloo - Main course Regular tees, 18 holes, par 54
4848 (-6)$55
2Mr. Clean (D.I.L.F.'s)
Josh Parker (D.I.L.F.'s)
5050 (-4)$45
3Tim Becker (Shake & Bake)
Carl Cleem (Shake & Bake)
5050 (-4)$35
4Aron Johnson (AnJ)
Jake Smith (AnJ)
5151 (-3)$23
5Ryan Hopson (Search & Destroy)
John D. (Search & Destroy)
5151 (-3)$12
6Bryan Van Fleet (Chain Smokers)
Justin Holton (Chain Smokers)
5252 (-2)
7Eric Stredwick (C.G.S.)
Waterloo Brandon (C.G.S.)
5353 (-1)
7Kyle Hite
David Harrington
5353 (-1)
9Travis Pugh
Brian Hausotter
5454 (E)
5656 (+2)
11Danny Parris (oxford maffia)
Chad Wilson (oxford maffia)
5959 (+5)
12Seth Wilson
Kenny Moore
6161 (+7)
6262 (+8)
14James Tatum
Scott Landerking
6565 (+11)
Cody Walvatne
6767 (+13)
16Aaron McKinnon
Brandon B.
7575 (+21)