Winter Wizards 2019

Saturday, March 2, 2019 at Youth Community Park in Santa Rosa, California
Disc golf singles tournament


Winter Wizards 2019 graphic


Tournament DirectorFrank Villas
Tournament DirectorAdam Domenick

About this tournament

Saturday, March 2nd., 2019 at 8:00a The Winter Wizard Academy of putt and approach will be accepting a limited amount of Wizard Apprentices.

First round you will test your wizard skills in an 18 hole, putter only challenge
Short break (bring water & snacks)
For the second wave of wizardry, you'll be granted full permission to restock with any discs you like.

After round 2, turn in your scorecards, then head to the Wizard Party/awards.

A Tap Takeover is in the works, courtesy of Seismic Brewery, the location is near the park & will be announced soon.

Check in: Youth Community park 8:00a -8:30
Tee assignments and shotgun start 9 am.

Players Packs are over the top this year.
The Wizard you receive will be used in Round 1. It's yours to keep. There are many like it, but that one's yours.

Refund policy

Frank Villas is responsible for all refunds/cancelations.


Final Results

1Mike Perembae4860108
2Ryland Plummer5158109
3Kenny Glassman5259111
4Jef Calhoun5260112
5Frank Villas5360113
6Cody Rose5162113
7Rich Lopez5262114
8Matt Throop5461115
9Suge Nasty5561116
10Brad Cameron5959118
11Andrew Huges6060120
12Daniel Diodato5764121
13Shane Kirby5765122
14Dave Pyland6261123
15Josh Taylor5867125
16Pootie Tang6168129
17Dustin Perez55-55
18Jonathan Moreno-6464
Pro Masters 50+
1David Seebach5164115
2Mark McKey5564119
4Dane DeMattei6164125
5Tim Amick6363126
6Bill Singer6463127
7John Wright6069129
8Bruce Petersilge6567132
9Mark Harris7168139
Open Women
1Laura Parker7079149
1Ben Fox5149100
2Ben Pedroni5454108
3Dominic Bickford5158109
4Lucas Judson5760117
5David McCarthy5761118
5Vince Ferracuti5563118
7John Griswold5862120
8Chris White5764121
9Tyler Pakhurst6164125
10Brian Wedderbush6365128
11Jonathan Price54-54
Amateur Masters 40+
1Kevin Bacuyani5658114
2Rush Bowers5859117
3Justin Bowman5862120
4Brett Massip6062122
5Josh Morgan5768125
6Tim Little6067127
7Joel Fogleman6568133
8Daniel Walden65-65
9Rich Malloy67-67
10Dale Drost77-77
1Daniel Humphreys5558113
3Anthony Ayez5961120
4Alex Tannehill6358121
5Darrell Hope5963122
5Rafael Varela5765122
7Zac Haufler5767124
8Adam Domenick6164125
9Juancarlos Hidalgo6066126
9Tucker Brown6264126
11martin Sokolowski6564129
12Brett Bjorkquist6466130
13Lucky Mike6467131
14Michael Berry6766133
15Dan Nelson7066136
16Kyle Gross6275137
17Kenny Woods6573138
18Daniel Reynoso6772139
19Jonathan Moreno65-65
20Alexander Leach67-67
1Tyler Sewell5861119
2Craig Bostwick5964123
2Greg Hildenbrand6063123
4Matthew Mullen5967126
4Miguel Castillo6363126
6Shawn Siler6464128
7Zak Attak6666132
8Frank Villas Jr6866134
8Liam Driskill6371134
10Jeremy Bursich6373136
10The Stew Show6967136
12Jason Brocchini6572137
12Tim Gallagher6473137
15Nakita Pak7074144
16Monico Gutierrez6879147
Advanced Women
1Jasmine Scott6772139
Recreational Women
1Ashley Hanbury6772139
2Naomi Hardy81103184
Junior 15
1Parker Berry7179150
Junior 8
1Hyzer Berger9574169