Wasatch Disc Golf Club 2023 Tag Opener!

Saturday, February 4, 2023 at Art Dye in American Fork, Utah
Disc golf singles tournament

Wasatch Disc Golf Club 2023 Tag Opener! graphic

About this tournament

We are requiring pre registration and tee times for this event. All bag tags will be distributed after the fact by having them mailed to you or available for pick up at Birdcage Disc Golf. You are able to select your tee time and others may join in your card. Once cards start filling up you may need to join a card with people you may not know. but we are all exited to play with new people so don't be shy. If you are solo please try and sign up with another solo card

Tee Time Windows are every 10 Minutes from 9AM to 3PM
Please show up 10 minutes before your tee time for the rules and course rundown.

The best score will be rewarded with the #1 tag. Any top 10 Tie breakers will be contacted for a possible playoff. After that any tie breaker will be rewarded to first come first serve pick up. If a tie breaker tag needs to be mailed. I will just choose. Its no big deal the tags will come and go.

Refund policy

Wasatch Disc Golf Club is responsible for all refunds/cancellations.


Art Dye
American Fork, UT   Get Directions

Final Results

Round 1: Art Dye - Art Dye Main, 18 holes, par 54
1Trevan Allison4545
2Casey Lee4848
2Jeremy Helt4848
2Spencer Livsey4848
2Timothy J Smith4848
2Tongia Toni Vakaafi4848
7Casey Garfield4949
7John Feldman4949
7Josh Apple4949
7Weston Ringger4949
11Nick Lopez5050
11Ryan Johnson5050
11Shawn Hansen5050
14Darren Shepherd5151
14Kevin Montgomery5151
14Max Clark5151
14Nate Reiner5151
14Teagan Ludwig5151
19Andrew Hall5252
19Bobby Schneck5252
19Bryce Gruneich5252
19Cheyenne Schanta5252
19Devin Haueter5252
19Jayden Eakett5252
19John Paulson5252
19Parker Hannemann5252
27Aaron Prestgard5353
27Chris Fox5353
27Clint Karren5353
27David Stutz5353
27Edward Rixe5353
27Fernando Cortez5353
27Jason Cann5353
27Kenneth Oetker5353
27Stephen Lott5353
27Thomas Buckner5353
27Todd Wilkins5353
27Tyler Beagley5353
39Chris Norman5454
39Christopher Melhado5454
39Jables Holcomb5454
39Jared Blanchard5454
39Josh Garcia5454
39Josh Wadley5454
39Mike Dougherty5454
39Tom Holley5454
39Zachary Daniel Troff5454
48Brandon Gregersen5555
48Brian Hartman5555
48Eric Alan Erickson5555
48Jacob Beach5555
48Jaxon Petersberger5555
48Jonathon Marshall5555
48Justin Beasley5555
48Kevin Frandsen5555
48Michael Eakett5555
48Mike Roberts5555
48Thomas Sautel5555
59David Gheen5656
60Andrew Russell5656
60Clayton Strayer5656
60Cory Harker5656
60Geoff Powel5656
60Jarred Neilson5656
60John Todhunter5656
60Julian Contreras5656
60Kody Christensen5656
60Lando Savage5656
60Seth Paulo Bangerter5656
60Shaun Pead5656
60Tanner Michelsen5656
72Andy Nichols5757
72Baylor Sandberg5757
72Brad Richter5757
72Calvin Poon5757
72Clayton Rackham5757
72Curt Myrick5757
72Jantzen T Menlove5757
72Joe Cavender5757
72Leonard Hannemann5757
72Mike Taylor5757
72Nate Bjarnson5757
72Skyler Spencer5757
72Thomas Marsh5757
85Benjamin Menchaca5858
85Cody Flanders5858
85Connor Brown5858
85Devin Blanchard5858
85Henry Jones5858
85Jesse Smith5858
85John Ashworth5858
85Jordan Rands5858
85Peter Duke5858
85Peter Quittner5858
85Rudy Wolfsfeld5858
85Tegan Jenkins5858
85Terrell Garfield5858
98Bob Lane5959
98Brett Lewis5959
98Carl Anderson5959
98Clark Smith-Kerswell5959
98Matt Davis5959
98Matthew Davis5959
98Scottie Duclos5959
98Shaun Bagley5959
106Ashley Hall6060
106Brandon Reesor6060
106Bryan Cook6060
106Casey Howard6060
106Doug Smith6060
106Garrett Purvis6060
106Jake Smith6060
106John Sutton6060
106Jordan Davis6060
106Mac Hansen6060
106Rich Laudie6060
106Sam Ashworth6060
106Trey Guernsey6060
106Zen K Asher6060
120Ben Beagley6161
120Cameron Peterson6161
120Johnny P6161
120Josh Taylor6161
120Spence Schramm6161
125Braden Stohlton6262
125Brandon Pead6262
125Jarrett Smith6262
125Joel Benavidez6262
125Michael Floyd6262
130Alex Collings6363
130Blake Gordon6363
130David Weaver6363
130Dylan Utley6363
130John Mitchell6363
130Kevin Courtright6363
130Lili Orozco6363
130Mark Gordon6363
130Spencer Garrett6363
130Ty Jasperson6363
140Corby Raddon6464
140Jason Brown6464
140Joseph Miller6464
140Marlton MarlyBilly Booth6464
144Colton Ricks6565
144Howard Hannemann6565
144Joshua McCluskey6565
144Paulo Bangerter6565
144Taylor Shumway6565
144Travis Blake6565
151Jarom Brown6666
151Joanna Frandsen6666
151Michael Brown6666
151Nathanyl Hall6666
151Rennen Ludwig6666
156Chandler Simkins6767
156James Rueckert6767
156Michael Cook6767
156Walter Brady III6767
160Elise McCluskey6868
160Matt Adams6868
160Mitchell Shumway6868
160Nick Olson6868
160Will Sinclair6868
165Jacob Barham6969
165Joe Ludwig6969
167Janna Booth7070
168Joe Willmore7171
168Wesley Moss7171
170Cory Bentley7272
170Jon Atwater7272
172Thomas Whitaker7474
173Flossy Chaucie7979
174Mary Wilma8787
175Jax Apple9090
176Aiden Pilling-0
176Amanda McCandless-0
176Blake Karren-0
176Brandon Livingston-0
176Chantry Pace-0
176David White-0
176Jimmy Staggs-0
176Preston Merrill-0
176Spencer Shumway-0
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