US Amateur Match Play

Sat-Sun, March 23-24, 2019 at Conocido Park in Phoenix, Arizona
Disc golf singles tournament

About this tournament


Saturday Morning – 8 matches take place (16 players)
Saturday Afternoon – 4 matches take place (8 players)
Sunday Morning – 2 matches take place (4 players)
Sunday Afternoon – Final match takes place (2 players)

Official Rules for Match Play:

Competitors who win their local bracket but do not win their state bracket will have the opportunity to come to Emporia! We will have a stroke play tournament on Thursday, June 20 for all these competitors to qualify for any available empty slots in the national bracket that begins Friday, June 21. For example, if there are 58 state winners, that leaves 6 open slots in our bracket of 64. The top six scores will determine who will make the national bracket. Ties will be played off if necessary.

Also new for 2019, state bracket winners will receive $1,000 in store credit at the Dynamic Discs retail store, instead of the $500 cash provided last year.

This year, we will offer up to 16 unreleased Latitude 64 Opto Moonshine Keystones per bracket at $10 each for local and state TDs.