The Rust Belt Club Championship

Sunday, August 30, 2020 at Buhl Park in Hermitage, Pennsylvania
Disc golf teams tournament

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About this tournament

Welcome to the Rust Belt Club Championship

Rust Belt Club Championship will consist of 4 rounds of 9 Holes, Best Shot Doubles Handicap Match Play.

Team Captains may choose any players from or outside their club to represent them and also will be able to choose the doubles teams for each of the 4 rounds. *It is highly recommended that Captains use players from their club, this rule is mainly in place so a club that doesn't have enough normal members at the present time may still play and have local players represent their club.

Prior to rounds, Team Captains will be able to pick their team lineups for each of their matches. Teams can be changed anytime in between any of the 4 rounds. Competing clubs for the round will be randomly drawn for who is Home and who is Away. If you are the Away Team, you must submit your teams roster for the round first. The Home Team advantage is they get to submit after the Away Team, essentially getting to choose the match ups for that round.

Handicapped Match Play Rules:
Scoring and Round Winners are determined by point total at the end of a 9 Hole Match. If a Team Wins a Hole they are Awarded 1 Point. If the competing Teams tie on a Hole that is a Push or Draw and No Points are awarded for that hole. After 9 Hole Round is completed the point totals will be added and the highest total wins the match. Winning Match will Win your club 2 Points for the Overall Team Total. A Match ending in a Push or Draw will result in each club being awarded 1 Point for the Overall Team Total.
The Handicap Format comes into play when a team goes up by 2 Points during the match of 9 Holes. When the 2 Point Lead occurs, the opposing team will receive a 1 Stroke Handicap until the lead is brought back to a 1 Point Lead. Once the lead is 1 Point or Less then normal Match Play scoring goes back into effect with no handicap given to either team until another 2 Point Lead occurs. For example, if you win 2 holes in a row, now you will be giving a stroke to the opposing team the following hole. If the leading team pars and the opposing team bogies it is a push becasue of the 1 stroke handicap. If both teams were to Par then the team receiving the stroke of handicap would Win the hole, making the lead only 1 Point again and then Ending the Handicap until a 2 Point Lead is reached again by either Team.

The Club with the Highest Point Total after 4 Rounds will be the Rust Belt Champions!

The First 3 Rounds Point Totals for each Club will determine who they play the 4th and Final Round and the positions that they are playing that Match for.
IE - 1st vs 2nd, 3rd vs 4th, 5th vs 6th, 7th vs 8th. This will serve as a Final 9 and Championship Round.

Because this is Handicapped Match Play there is no need for rules on player Ratings or Gender. You may put any player, man or woman, on your team regardless of Player Rating. We still are encouraging Clubs to select people that really give back to their club, course, and community but as stated before your team is up to your Captain. Women players are encouraged but not mandatory. 1 Overall End or Event Point will be received by Teams that have at least 1 Woman on their Roster.

Each of the 8 Clubs will be allowed to have 16 Players Playing in the event Per Round

Clubs will be allowed to have subs for the event. Subs are optional. Due to the 4 Round Format, this allows anyone who may not be physically able to play 4 full rounds to still participate and is also an opportunity for clubs to include more of their players into the event if they so decide. You may include as many subs on your roster as you would like.

Subs must be submitted on your roster, you do not have to submit who they will replace, that choice can be made by the captaion day of the event. Subs must pay the Player Registration Fee of $25

Teams must be submitted by March 1st 2020. Cost is $25 per Player and will cover their player pack and lunch cost. Player packs will include RBCC Team Dri Fit (color coded for each club), RBCC Disc, RBCC Snapback Trucker Cap.

The Registration Fee covers the exact costs of Lunch and Players Pack. There is No Payout at the End of the Event.

Each participating Club will be required to bring a donation of a minimum of 5 Prizes to be used as CTP's for the Players.

Optional 50/50 Throw Off and Ace Fund will be available Day Of Event.

More Details to Come

Refund policy

The Rust Belt Club Championship is responsible for all refunds and cancellations.
Online registration opens
June 23, 2020 at 8:00pm ET
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