The 32nd Annual Capital of Texas Open presented by Mint Discs (A HOTT Points Event) - Men's Weekend

PDGA logoFri-Sun, May 19-21, 2023 at Met Center in Austin, Texas
A-tier · PDGA-sanctioned singles tournament

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Caddy Book & Rules: V3 as of 5.17.23 ... more
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MINT Discs    Sticky May 17 at 11:03pm

Course Updates for the 32nd Annual Capital of Texas Open (COTO):

All COTO courses have Circle 1(not Live Oak) and OB painted. We will continue to put up banners, flags and signs tomorrow as part of the final course prep.

Live Oak Brewing - mowed and marked for the opening event, the O.B. Open. It's great practice before COTO on placement shots. This is a really fun layout and the wild flowers are in full bloom at the brewery.

MetCenter - Hole 6's basket has been moved to it� ... more


Jerry Perez Jr.    June 8 at 1:03pm

@Zach I sent you a few emails regarding the Ace Pot payout.

MINT Discs   June 8 at 1:12pm

We will resend to your new email

MINT Discs    May 24 at 6:14pm

All payout should have been processed. Pro's should have received it via Paypal and AM's are a gift card to If you did not receive anything, please email [email redacted] to resolve.

Jerry Perez Jr.   May 24 at 7:40pm

Ace pots as well?

MINT Discs    May 23 at 11:12pm


Pro - We have begun processing via paypal.

AM - You should receive an email with a gift card to in the next 1-2 days as they process. If you did not claim it on Sunday, and do not get a gift card by 5/25, please email [email redacted] and we will address.


Jeff Cooper    May 22 at 10:48pm

I didn't make it to met center for payout. I was told it would be by PayPal is this correct or do I have to come meet y'all tomorrow when I'm back in town after 4.


Brandon Elder    May 22 at 1:33am

Is there a picture of the lost and founds anywhere?

MINT Discs   May 22 at 5:28pm

Whatever was left, we'll contact and ship back. If it didn't have a name or identifier, we'll keep bringing to each event. Was there something you were looking for?

Brandon Elder   May 23 at 11:27pm

Lost a tie dye towel at Roy G and a pink proto McBeth kong/Zeus at Met hole 15 in the water near the reeds. Disc says Be. And has Greg Killam pdga number. Thanks.

Bradley Larson    May 22 at 12:32am

Dropped some oakley katos during the round at east metro, pls message me if found!


chris rodriguez    May 22 at 12:09am

Left a blue eternal red rock show longhorn hole 17 right about at short teebox at east metro. Left on left side right on the edge of the rough. Please let me know if turned in


MINT Discs    May 21 at 11:11am

Current Ace Pot:
A Pool (MPO/40/50)- $460
B Pool (MA1) - $150
B Pool (MP60/70 & MA2) - $220
C Pool (MA3 & MA40/50/60) - $325


Jerry Perez Jr.    May 20 at 11:56pm

How many aces so far? I had a sick ace with my Lobster on East Metro #14

MINT Discs   May 21 at 11:10am

Congrats! For your pool the ace pot is $325.

Cade Woolley    May 20 at 10:02pm

Just wanted to inquire why ratings are not consistent. Yesterday, a +5 from the longs at Roy G was 944 rated. Today, a +5 is 935 rated. Conditions were identical. Why can’t those ratings just match? Kinda BS in my opinion.

Jacob M Stone   May 20 at 11:52pm

ratings fluctuate based on the ratings of players playing the course. also the pdga will tell you there is a +/- 30 on the ratings that is normal between rounds played on an individual course. Its an imperfect algorithm but if another is developed I'm sure it will be implemented.

MINT Discs   May 21 at 11:03am

Hey Cade, ratings are reflective of who played on the course. If the players playing the course have lower ratings(MA1) than the day before (MPO/40/50), then generally the ratings will reflect that. In MA1 yesterday, we also had some lower rated folks shoot the best rounds. So in a way it can bring down the ratings. Hope that helps.

Cade Woolley   May 21 at 12:34pm

This does help. Thank you. I was just trying to expose a flaw in the ratings system. Not anything against the event at all, Mint always kills it! This is more a stab at the ratings and hoping it changes one day.

Bradley Larson    May 20 at 12:06pm

Lost a green first run eternal longhorn with dfx goose gang stamp in tall grass straight off tee maybe 300'. Id appreciate it back if found!

Bradley Larson   May 22 at 12:34am

Thanks to whoever turned it in to lost n found! I got it.

Dave Cervantes    May 19 at 10:30pm

Any chance tee times will be spaced out more tomorrow at East Metro? Or possibly a larger time gap between divisions at least? A 4hr round wasn't necessary and could've been avoided. Huge back up on 8 really killed any momentum with 30 min wait.

Dave Cervantes   May 20 at 12:35am

NO DAVE!!! Just be better prepared for another looong round

Hayden Hunt   May 22 at 3:10pm

Enforce a putter mandatory off of the tee box and boom! Problem solved.

William Ocel   June 7 at 12:59am

IMO East Metro was ill-suited for tournament play, especially for the lower tier, less accurate players. Finding discs in the tall grass at The Met is a breeze compared to the 5 foot tall ragweed and heavy thicket that lines many fairways at EM. Will definitely skip future tournaments there.

MINT Discs    May 19 at 2:57am

Last Minute Event Updates & Notes(also emailed):


Jacob M Stone    May 18 at 6:27pm

Random question more for the community. I’m in town for the tournament but looking to try to find session if D&D to join while I’m up this weekend if anyone knows of one let me know.

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Jacob M Stone   May 18 at 6:36pm

I’ll check it out thank you

Hayden Hunt   May 18 at 7:51pm

Oh cool, you're on my card tomorrow morning. We can talk about it then

Jacob M Stone   May 18 at 8:05pm

Hell yeah. I called emerald tavern they had nothing this weekend.

Mike Chesnut    May 18 at 3:56am

For friday in MA60, Me and Rob tee off at 8:10. There are 4/MA60 teeing off at 8:20 and 5/MA60 teeing off at 8:30.

Michael Ortega   May 18 at 4:23am

Looks like your playing with 2 mp70 guys at 8:10

MINT Discs   May 18 at 5:41am

Correct about mp70

Mike Chesnut   May 19 at 2:49am

Sorry, did not see till today

Chris McEnaney    May 17 at 6:45pm

If I am still able to I would like to sign up for MA2, looks like there are 3 spots left after registration closed

MINT Discs   May 17 at 10:51pm

Please email [email redacted] with your PDGA #, division, and best email. We will do our best to make it happen!

zach Mckelvey    May 17 at 2:10am

Accidentally left a purple Tacolope at Roy G. Earlier today, hole 15 or hole 12 I think, it has my partner Brenda's name on it in pretty sure.

James McGowan   May 17 at 2:52am

My group found it I believe we text the number on it.

zach Mckelvey   May 17 at 3:18am

Picking it up tomorrow thank you!

Eric Stuber    May 16 at 9:13pm

Any chances I get in if the pool doesn’t fill up completely?

Adam Case   May 16 at 9:56pm

I would think so. They normally let everyone in off the wait list.

Aaron Collins    May 16 at 7:48pm

I lost a well seasoned Champion Destroyer on new 17 (probably short and definitely right of the basket) at Roy G about an hour ago. If anyone finds it and returns it, I’d be happy to give them a new disc in exchange. The disc has ink on both sides and says C63948 (my last name initial, and my PDGA #) on the front.

Alex King   May 18 at 9:49pm

check your FB. Someone found it and posted on FDG.