Team JDG 10 basket or under course Crush 9 courses in one day with chauffeur.

Sunday, April 20, 2014 at Boettler Park in Green, Ohio
Disc golf singles tournament


Director Jay Kovach

About this tournament

this event will be pre registration only as well as pre pay i will be renting a big ass A mish hauler to drive folk around maybe two maybe a bus who knows. Singles, speed of play, have fun. no set route yet. ALL from short tees.. Cash payout divisions may get combined is only a bunch of @9 hole courses.


Final Results

Round 1: Boettler Park - Regular tees, 9 holes, par 27
Round 2: Schneider Park - Short tees, 9 holes, par 27
Round 3: Malone University - Red tees (short), 9 holes, par 27
Round 4: Wildwood Park - Long tees, 10 holes, par 30
Round 5: The Wayfarer's Roost - Short tees, 9 holes, par 27
Round 6: Minerva DGC - Regular tees, 9 holes, par 28
Round 7: Tanks Run - White Tees (Short), 9 holes, par 27
Round 8: Hooks' Hideaway - 11 hole, 11 holes, par 33
2Aaron Collins3126242728282231217
3Justin worrell3526232827262827220
3brian a2824203325292635220
5Steve Cain3327213526262627221
6Bill Vaughn3224253126292530222
9mitch gurnsey3328243222323034235
10j Vaughn3228253429322935244
11rich Svea jr.3629303428313133252
13Peterson Zach3932293834383342285