TN Tech Disc Golf Club BYOP Challenge Fundraiser Event

Sunday, April 25, 2021 at Cane Creek Park in Cookeville, Tennessee
Disc golf doubles tournament

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Tournament DirectorJon Lynn
Assistant Tournament DirectorTrip Adams
Assistant Tournament DirectorJacob Walkup
Assistant Tournament DirectorAustin Monroe

About this tournament

This event has been rescheduled due to a majority of Cane Creek being underwater. The new date is April 25th 2021. Sorry for the late notice, but it wasn’t safe to be out yesterday checking to see if the conditions were fit for play. We apologize if anyone was already driving or made it to the course to warm up, but we were trying our best not to have to reschedule.
This event is a fundraiser held by the TN Tech Disc Golf Team in order to raise money to send our teams to the College Disc Golf National Championships!

There are 2 divisions available:
Championship Flight is for Advanced to Open rated players.
1st Flight is for Novice to Intermediate rated players.
If you have one Open and one Novice player on a team: play in the division based off of your highest rated player.
If you do not have a rating you are welcome to play in either division.

This event will be 2 rounds. One round will be at Cane Creek, and the other will be at Tech's disc golf course on campus. The club has been working hard on fixing up our course. Come check out the three new holes and our new tee pads! The layouts will be sent out with a Caddie Book at the close of registration.

There will be a CTP on every hole at Tech's course! There will also be some at Cane Creek. The CTP fee is included in the registration so everyone is eligible. There will be 10 in 1st flight and 9 in championship flight. For a total of 19 CTPs.

(Best Score Doubles) - each player completes the holes individually. They will record the better score from the two individual players.
Ex. Player one shoots a 5 on hole one. Player two shoots a 3 on hole one. That team will use player twos score of 3 as the teams score for that hole.

(Best Shot Doubles)- Each player on the team will throw the drive. The team then chooses who's disc they want to play from to complete the next shot. Both players throw from the same lie on every shot until the hole is completed.

This is a trophy only event. The top 2 teams in each division will get a custom mini that was 3-d printed and designed for this event as a trophy.

Please Check in by 8:00 am at tournament central
Tech Tournament Central - near hole 1
Cane Creek Tournament Central - Pavilion behind hole 10

Please wear a mask at tournament central or if you are within 6 feet of another player

Come have some fun, help support our clubs trip to Nationals, and see if you and your partner can beat TN Tech's disc golf teams!

*If you can't make it, but you would like to donate, you can send donations via PayPal to [email redacted]

Refund policy

The Disc Golf Club of TN Tech is responsible for all refunds/cancellations. Refund requests must be made via an email to the TD before the registration closes.



Sunday, April 25, 2021
- 8:45am
Check-in at both locations
- 12:00pm
The 1st flight division will play round 1 at TN Tech's course (shotgun start).
All rounds at Tech's course will be played as BEST SCORE doubles.
- 12:00pm
The championship flight division will play round 1 at Cane Creek Park (shotgun start).
All rounds at Cane Creek will be played as BEST SHOT doubles.
1:30pmRound 2 will begin 1 hour after the last card from round one is finished.
Championship Flight will play Techs course for the 2nd round.(BEST SCORE)
First flight will play Cane Creek for the 2nd round.(BEST SHOT)
5:00pmThe awards ceremony will begin 30 minutes after the last card at Cane Creek finishes. It will be held at Techs course near hole 1.

There will be a CTP throw off for $5 per throw. Winner will take home an MVP Black Hole lite basket and second will get a DD 40 disc capacity field work bag. There will also be a distance contest after the final round at Tech's course for a lightly used Dynamic Discs Marksman basket.
$5 for 3 throws.
After the last call for this side game our top 4 distance throwers from Techs disc golf team will throw to compete for this basket. Think you can take it from us?

Player Divisions & Entry Fees

$20.00 / teamAChampionship Flight
$20.00 / teamB1st Flight