Summer of Dubz 5

Saturday, July 27, 2019 at Otter Brook State Park in Keene, New Hampshire
Disc golf doubles tournament

Registered Players

10 players are registered out of 72 possible spots.
62 spots are available.

General entry   10 registered

WOM   Womens 0 registrants / 20 spots

GEN   General 10 registrants / 20 spots

Double or NothingDonald Boutin38137
Scott D'Agostino
Lagers, Stouts, and Local RoutesAnthony Parente103654
Shane Mackay103652
Lil Putz and Big HyzerRaivis Markons-Craig75027
Shane Wyatt43284
Pinacles BestEdwin Bedell83156
Mike Habets60852
The Bold SparrowsJonathan Woodcock
Matthew Leblanc