St. Charles Open presented by Smokin Aces & St Charles County Disc Golf Club

PDGA logoFri-Sun, October 15-17, 2021 at New Melle Lakes in Wentzville, Missouri
A-tier · PDGA-sanctioned singles tournament

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It finally happened! All 3 St. Charles courses in one event, Quail Ridge, New Melle Lakes, and Indian Camp Cr ... more
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Kurt Stodola    October 16 at 7:27pm

Only reason I ask is novice should be done by 1:30 and I have a 4 hour ride home and really didn’t want to have to wait until it’s all over including pros. I will tho???? if need be

Cris Z   October 16 at 7:46pm

nah, see below

Kurt Stodola    October 16 at 7:25pm

Are awards/trophies presented when your division is complete or when tourney is all over?

Cris Z   October 16 at 7:45pm

When each division is over @ tournament central - new melle

Bryan Pitman    October 14 at 2:39pm

The payout breakdown shows the winner of MA4 receiving $662. Is that correct?

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Bernie Hertweck   October 14 at 2:40pm

its trophy only

Bryan Pitman   October 14 at 3:02pm

So only 1st place will receive a trophy correct?

Josh Landholt   October 14 at 3:08pm

That is correct. Trophy only for MA4

Will R    October 13 at 11:40pm

Will there be set tee times. I see the pools and the 10 mins but im wondering about certian cards at certain times or at least an estimate of what exact time a player could be teeing off? Thanks for answering all these questions… lol

Bobby Klevorn   October 13 at 11:55pm

Tee times will be posted on the PDGA page and a link to them will be included in the email to be sent out tomorrow with all the details

Will R    October 12 at 1:22pm

Do i need to register a caddy or any sort of thing like that because im going to have someone on the bag for me

Bobby Klevorn   October 12 at 2:29pm

No need to register a caddy

Kurt Stodola    October 12 at 12:33pm

When do you post tee times for each day?

Bobby Klevorn   October 12 at 2:21pm

Registration closes Wednesday at 8 so tee times will be posted after that, most likely on Thursday. The next days tee times will be posted once everyone is done for the day

Will R    October 8 at 1:57am

What if i cant make it to hotshots in wnetzville on Thursday for check in, would there possibly be an alternative check i??

Bernie Hertweck   October 8 at 2:07am

Yes there will be. You will be able to just check in at your starting course but will need to go to New Melle to get your players pack. We will have them with us there all weekend. We will be sending out an email next week going over everything you will need to know for the event in detail.

Glenn Bietsch    October 5 at 5:25pm

Where will tournament central be ?

Rebekah Kersey   October 11 at 2:41pm

New Melle l believe as that is where Bernie and Cris will be with all of the extra players packs all weekend long

Bradley Kelso    October 5 at 1:11pm

What Layout is MP40 playing at each course? Is the specified layout for each on UDisc?

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Bradley Kelso   October 5 at 2:17pm

Thanks. I just got in from NC last night, where will it be posted? I’m looking to schedule practice rounds as soon as I can.

Bernie Hertweck   October 5 at 2:31pm

We will post them here and Ill email all of the competitors once they are final.

Bradley Kelso   October 5 at 2:32pm

Sounds good! Thank you

Jon Dunn    October 1 at 9:53pm

When will pins at all three locations be positioned for the tournament?

John Zoltanski II   October 2 at 1:15am

Quail is set except for Hole 4 & 10. We have to do some trimming on those holes. ICC and New Melle should be set after the weekend.

Kurt Stodola    September 26 at 12:46am

Does MA4 play everyday? It’s not listed

Bernie Hertweck   September 26 at 1:36am

Yes, added to schedule. Thanks for the heads up.

Bryan Pitman    September 22 at 3:04pm

For MA4 only the division winner will receive a trophy correct?

Bernie Hertweck   September 22 at 9:20pm

it will depend on how many players in the division

Joshua roseman    September 14 at 7:04pm

Do you have to go to the check in the night before

Bernie Hertweck   September 16 at 7:13am

Check in will be all day, noon-8pm, not just at night. If you dont get your players pack you will have to grab it from tournament central, we will send out more info on this once we get closer to the event.

Glenn Bietsch   October 5 at 5:25pm

Where is tournament central ?

Bernie Hertweck   October 12 at 4:40am

New Melle